We are official HAIX Middle East agent providing top-quality footwear for professionals of special forces, firefighters, rescue teams and simple workers. Manufactured in Germany due to the highest standards, it has become a well-known brand all over the world. Firefighters in New York and Mexico, Moscow and Hamburg, military units in Afghanistan and Europe as well as the German GSG 9 Counter-Terrorist Unit are wearing HAIX footwear.

Emirates Falcon Security Systems tries to do its best to spread this wave of popularity among professionals of GCC countries. And not without vanity we can notify that Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, Internal Security Force (ISF) of Qatar, UAE Army, Dubai Ambulance and Civil Defense of Qatar, Oman and KSA are in the list of our company satisfied clients. Now they are convinced that HAIX footwear is a right choice for those who assure peaceful life for you.

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